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  • Check out our newest video: 7 Minute Martial Arts Footwork Workout (Do It at Home!)

    In today's video, we're doing a martial arts footwork workout that can be done anywhere! All you need is tape. Place the tape on the ground in a + pattern and follow along with our workout. This will increase your foot and movement speed, which is highly important in any sport or martial art. Be sure to take breaks and drink enough water! Exercise Guide: All you need for is this workout is tape, a watch and some floor space. Set your tape in a cross. Each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds - 15 seconds each side where it applies. Feel free to take 30 seconds - 1 minute break between exercises if it gets too intense for you. See full list of exercises at the end of the ....

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  • Check out our newest video: Kick Like A Pro #8: The Tornado Kick (360° Jump Round House) | Taekwondo for Beginners

    Like clockwork, we’re back with another episode of Kick Like A Pro! Today we're excited to present to you one of the most beloved kicks in Taekwondo: The Tornado Kick (or 360° Jump Round House). Stay until the end to listen to our pro-tip. The Tornado Kick is a kick that lands middle level or head level. In case you are kicking it head level, you’re going to need a higher degree of leverage that you get through leaning the opposite way. But in this video, we’re looking at the basic, middle level Tornado Kick. 🧘‍♂️ Become more flexible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOzQJMM8g7k 🦵Want stronger kicks?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ftV3ek2N20 ....

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  • Check out our newest video: Kick Like A Pro #8: The Axe Kick | Taekwondo for Beginners

    Here we are with Episode 8 of our Kick Like A Pro series with more Taekwondo tips for beginners! Today, we're showing you how do to an Axe Kick. The Axe Kick is a head level kick that you land with the bottom of your foot, heel included. It can be done on attacking or countering techniques, back leg or front leg. Today, we're going to take a look at the basic Axe Kick, which is done with the back leg.It's one of the easiest kicks to learn in Taekwondo, and I'm ready to break it down for you. Be sure to stay until the end to hear our Axe Kick pro-tip. ....

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  • The Life & Legacy of Bruce Lee

    For many martial artists, Bruce Lee is probably the first person that comes to mind in conversations of the greatest or most inspirational. In fact, Bruce Lee’s name and story transcends martial arts. For many in my generation, Bruce Lee was a superhero, and the reason many of us became interested in martial arts in the first place. Also, his philosophies were just as powerful as his punches. Though his life was cut short at the age of 32, he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire even to this day. Y O U N G B R U C E Bruce Lee was born as Lee Jun-fan on November 27th, 1940 in San Francisco. His parents were on tour with the Chinese Opera and ....

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  • Check out our newest video: Kick Like A Pro #7: The Spinning Hook Kick | Taekwondo for Beginners

    We're back with Episode 7 of our Kick Like A Pro series, and as we promised in the last episode, today, we’re learning the Spinning Hook Kick. The Spinning Hook Kick is a powerful spinning kick that lands head level, and we consider it a staple of Taekwondo. Why? Because the way you execute it in Taekwondo is very different than any other martial arts. Stay until the end to see what makes this kick special and listen to our pro tips. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think! ....

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  • 10 of the Best Day Trips Near Portland

    At W1 Taekwondo in Portland, OR, we preach and value hard work, determination and dedication. However, we also realize the importance of rest & relaxation. We understand that working too hard will only lead to a loss of focus, burnout and fatigue. With the weekend finally here, we decided to share a list of 10 day trips around the Portland area. Most of these locations can be reached from the Portland area in about two hours, but some may take up to 3 or a bit longer. In a 24 hour day, that still gives you about ten hours to explore each area and make it back home in time to sleep a full eight hours. Columbia River Gorge (~1-2 hrs) The first ....

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  • May 2021 Belt Graduation - Congratulations to our students!

    On May 21st, 2021, we hosted our latest belt graduation. After testing the students, we recognized each of them for their hard work and dedication, then presented them with their appropriate belts. Everyone passed! Congratulations to all of our students for reaching the next level in their Taekwondo training. Here's a short video to commemorate the event. ....

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