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Master Adrian is a fantastic teacher and is always willing to help his students become better martial artists. He puts in the work to give his students the best opportunity to succeed, and I think anybody who commits themselves to W1 and Master Adrian will reap the benefits. ... Read More

Ian Skys

My daughter started W1 Taekwondo with a trial class offered for a month. She liked it very much and wanted to go back to the regular class. And yes she never stopped herself from attending W1 Taekwondo class. She gained lots of skills in a very short time. I can see how much confidence she is now! Master Adrian is a very respected person and we can rely on him to build my daughter's Taekwondo... Read More

Faisal Haider

Master Adrian is a dedicated and skilled martial artist, leader, and coach. We enrolled our three kids, ages 5, 6, and 7 this past April and they have come such a long way in skill and in discipline. Master Adrian is both gentle with the kids and tough on them at the same time- the perfect combination for our family. Our kids have learned so much from him, on and off the mat. Master Adrian's... Read More

Rosemary Zook

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Kids Martial Arts

Through our kids Taekwondo programs, students will learn to develop unwavering confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, and the perseverance needed to overcome any challenge in life! Get your child started in the best Taekwondo program offered to Cedar Mill and Beaverton today and discover the life-changing power of the martial arts!

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Teen Martial Arts

Our Teen Martial Arts classes in Cedar Mill are designed to keep your child challenged and help them build confidence in no time. We offer a traditional Taekwondo training in a welcoming environment!

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes offer professional instruction that doesn't leave anyone behind. We're helping people all across Portland find success one step at a time. All experience levels are welcome! Join us at W1 Taekwondo and get started on weight loss, lean muscle gain, self-defense training, and a healthier lifestyle.

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Encouraging Our Students in Portland to Lead the Way - The Black Belt Way

The foundation of our martial arts academy is Taekwondo (Tae kwon do), a martial art that comes from Korea. We believe that Taekwondo principles help people improve individually and encourage them to grow into the strong leaders that our society needs. The highest priority of our martial arts program for kids and teens is character development and to help our students benefit from it mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our winning Taekwondo culture is impacting the youth by pointing them in the right direction. Our purpose as a Leadership Taekwondo academy in Portland, is to help everyone discover their self worth. We understand that each individual is unique and some are are born with advantages that we do not have, but the act of working through your disadvantages can become your greatest strength in life. We empower the youth and equalize the playing field.

Our services are offered to Cedar Mill, Beaverton and Bethany. If you ever thought about bettering yourself, having fun or just trying a new activity, check us out! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get in touch with our team today!

Kids Martial Arts near Beaverton
W1 Taekwondo

A Child Suffering From Low Self-Worth is Heartbreaking.

W1 Taekwondo has the tools to help your children grow.

Self-Critical in Portland - W1 Taekwondo


Growing up, we're constantly faced with obstacles and it's common to see our kids suffer from low self-esteem. With the lessons we teach, your children can start viewing themselves in a better light through all points of life.

Quits Easily in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

Quits Easily

Perseverance is a skill that can be hard to come by. We hate watching our kids try something new only to give up when it gets difficult. Through martial arts training, we teach methods to overcome adversity and keep moving forward.

Acting Silly in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

Acting Silly

Some silliness is expected in childhood - they're kids after all! But self-discipline is a life long tool that will help your child succeed. Plus, we still have fun even when we expect respect!

Inactive in Portland - W1 Taekwondo


It's hard to watch your kids waste their time lazing around, and if they are not well suited to team sports it can be hard to find an activity that keeps them moving. Martial Arts classes are a great way to instill a love for physical activity without the pressure that comes from competing in a team sport. We'll get your kids moving!

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