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Master Adrian is a true professional who knows every student in detail and shows care for all the kids. The place is modern and they are COVID 19 vaccinated. My son loves taekwondo and keeps asking me to go every day. Besides being a great teacher Master Adrian shows the kids all the techniques with rare skill and any young martial artist should aim to reach that level. By far, the best taekwondo ... Read More

Lara Beal

Great after school program. Master Ian is wonderful with the kids and helps with homework.... Read More

Darlene Miller

My son is someone who shys away from group classes and finds trying new activities overwhelming. When to my surprise he expressed an interest in Taekwondo after walking by, I thought we would give it a go. Within a couple weeks he was demonstrating leadership, within a couple months achieved his yellow belt. More than anything he is challenging himself and having fun. As a parent, it's a gift to... Read More

Sonja Rhea Figueira

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Kids Martial Arts

Through our kids Taekwondo programs, students will learn to develop unwavering confidence, teamwork and leadership skills, and the perseverance needed to overcome any challenge in life! Get your child started on Cedar Mill's favorite Taekwondo program today and discover the life-changing power of the martial arts!

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Teen Martial Arts

Our Teen Martial Arts classes in Cedar Mill are designed to keep your child challenged and help them build confidence in no time. We offer a traditional Taekwondo training in a welcoming environment!

Kids Martial Arts near Portland

Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts classes offer professional instruction that doesn't leave anyone behind. We're helping people all across Portland find success one step at a time. All experience levels are welcome! Join us at W1 Taekwondo and get started on weight loss, lean muscle gain, self-defense training, and a healthier lifestyle.

Encouraging Our Students in Portland to Lead the Way - The Black Belt Way

The foundation of our martial arts academy is Taekwondo (Tae kwon do), a martial art that comes from Korea. We believe that Taekwondo principles help people improve individually and encourage them to grow into the strong leaders that our society needs. The highest priority of our martial arts program for kids and teens is character development and to help our students benefit from it mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our winning Taekwondo culture is impacting the youth by pointing them in the right direction. Our purpose as a Leadership Taekwondo academy in Portland, is to help everyone discover their self worth. We understand that each individual is unique and some are are born with advantages that we do not have, but the act of working through your disadvantages can become your greatest strength in life. We empower the youth and equalize the playing field.

If you ever thought about bettering yourself, having fun or just trying a new activity, check us out! We are conveniently located in the great Cedar Mill community in Portland. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get in touch with our team today!

Kids Martial Arts near Portland
W1 Taekwondo

Creating Winners in Life

What is Taekwondo? in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasizes kicks. This martial art is intended to develop the whole mind, body, and spirit all while teaching effective self-defense skills. By incorporating the tenets of courtesy, perseverance, self-control, integrity, and an indomitable spirit, Taekwondo training helps develop character in anyone who practices.

Why Choose Taekwondo as a Sport? in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

Why Choose Taekwondo as a Sport?

Taekwondo is a powerful self-defense sport that heightens your mental and physical powers and encourages you to take control of your life which builds confidence. Training with us in Cedar Mill can also help you develop discipline by training your body and mind thoroughly.

Short History of Taekwondo in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

Short History of Taekwondo

Though the name Taekwondo has only been used since 1955, it was first developed by Korean martial artists in the 1940's as a combination of indigenous Korean fighting styles like taekkyeon, subak, and gwonbeop. The evolution of Taekwondo as a result of the historical events in Korea as it was being developed has made this martial art both a fighting style and a way of life.

Why Choose W1 Taekwondo? in Portland - W1 Taekwondo

Why Choose W1 Taekwondo?

There are no judgements here! You just have to strive to be your very best and you'll fit right in with our community in Cedar Mill. We seek to encourage, empower, and entertain. We're a diverse community with a culture of fun, discipline, and always looking to achieve our goals.

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