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When young Taekwondo students comes in and walks onto our practice mats, they are in a way walking into their virtual life. The practice mat is not only a place where they learn and practice Taekwondo techniques of kicking, striking and parrying. It’s also a place where the student engages and pushing himself to become […]

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Just like in any other city in the United States, you will find a good number of martial arts schools in Portland, Oregon with over 650,000 residents. Googling the question right off presents you with twenty-two possible choices of Taekwondo schools. What you want is to find out which Taekwondo community you can be part […]

Taekwondo Portland Oregon

Once-A-Year Taekwondo Festival in Portland Have you wondered what it would be like to have your six-year-old be part of a community tradition? Imagine your boy in full white Taekwondo uniform milling with other boys and girls in full white Taekwondo attire. Imagine him doing his forms with his friends while people watched. Imagine the […]

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The Relevance of Practicing Taekwondo in Portland I am a student of taekwondo. I wear the white sleevers and matching white pants for practice we call the Dobok, wrapped under my cotton belt that belies my rank, the Ti. I enter the matted training area called the Dojang with a low bow towards the flags. […]