Master Adrian is a fantastic teacher and is always willing to help his students become better martial artists. He puts in the work to give his students the best opportunity to succeed, and I think anybody who commits themselves to W1 and Master Adrian will reap the benefits.

Ian Skys

My daughter started W1  Taekwondo with a trial class offered for a month. She liked it very much and wanted to go back to the regular class. And yes she never stopped herself from attending W1 Taekwondo class. She gained lots of skills in a very short time. I can see how much confidence she is now! Master Adrian is a very respected person and we can rely on him to build my daughter's Taekwondo skills. Master Adrian focuses not only on Taekwondo skills but also on behavioral skills that are required for a student. All the teachers are wonderful and very friendly. If you are looking for a Taekwondo class for your child this is the place that I can strongly recommend without any hesitation. Thanks and best wishes!

Faisal Haider

Master Adrian is a dedicated and skilled martial artist, leader, and coach. We enrolled our three kids, ages 5, 6, and 7 this past April and they have come such a long way in skill and in discipline. Master Adrian is both gentle with the kids and tough on them at the same time- the perfect combination for our family. Our kids have learned so much from him, on and off the mat. Master Adrian's whole team is fantastic. Highly recommend!

Rosemary Zook

Master Adrian is a true professional who knows every student in detail and shows care for all the kids. The place is modern and they are COVID 19 vaccinated. My son loves taekwondo and keeps asking me to go every day. Besides being a great teacher Master Adrian shows the kids all the techniques with rare skill and any young martial artist should aim to reach that level. By far, the best taekwondo school in the area.

Lara Beal

Great after school program.  Master Ian is wonderful with the kids and helps with homework.

Darlene Miller

My son is someone who shys away from group classes and finds trying new activities overwhelming.  When to my surprise he expressed an interest in Taekwondo after walking by, I thought we would give it a go. Within a couple weeks he was demonstrating leadership,  within a couple months achieved his yellow belt.  More than anything he is challenging himself and having fun. As a parent,  it's a gift to watch your children discover something that brings out a better version of themselves.  Thank you Master Adrian for your equal approach of reasonable expectations, respect to the art, culture,  and discipline,  and the dose of fun you add.  You are helping children discover their confidence and abilities, and that is a gift to us all!

Sonja Rhea Figueira

awesome staff! my kids love it!

Nicole Bouten-Verschoor

We are thrilled with this school. Master Adrian is the consummate professional. He takes time to encourage and motivate all students. Cedar Mill Taekwondo is a place where all are welcome and where everyone can thrive. The school focuses on respect, discipline, courtesy, integrity & it’s a place to have fun too! I highly recommend Cedar Mill Taekwondo.

Sarah Slusher

The focus on the kids and teaching is great!!

Susan Pate

My son has been training here for several months. Master Adrian was great at working with us to get him switched over from a different TKD technique that he had been learning previously. Everyone is very friendly and supportive; we highly recommend Cedar Mill Taekwondo!

Angela Wade

Master Adrian is a great TKD instructor.  He shows great dedication and discipline for the kids. I love watching my son grow and improve when coming to his classes.

Con Nie

Having both my Son's Gabriel and Sebastian Richardson involved in Taekwondo has been a life changer. Their Confidence, Social Skills and Disciples has Greatly Improved. Thru all their training. I've seen my Sons bond even more. I would Recommend Cedar Mill Taekwondo to any and all Adults & Kids. The Staff is very Helpful, Caring and Informative.

Antonio Richardson

Thank you master adrian for all your hard work! My son loves his takewondo class and shows his passion for it to his family and friends. Im so thankful, it has benefited my son in school and at home.

Jessica Martinez

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