After School Licensed Care

We offer you the peace of mind by providing daily transportation services from your child’s academic institution to our state of the art learning facility after school, daily. Our mission is to provide students with individualized attention after school so that parents can focus on work until your child is picked up at 6:00pm; best of all, homework will be done so you may spend a relaxing and great quality time in the evenings at home.
Cedar Mill Taekwondo at Sunset Shopping Center is operated by state licensed personnel, and world class certified Instructors.
After School Program Includes:

Pricing starts as low as $27/day.

As an adult with a fulltime job, we understand that you may not find time to pick up your child from school to drop them at our premises for taekwondo practice. However, we are here to take this worry of your shoulders with our after school care Portland program. Besides picking up your child from school for their after school taekwondo class we also offer other services such as homework assistance, supervised snack and break time, crafts and creative activities and writing and math practice that lasts until you can get off work and pick them work to go spend relaxing quality time for the evening at home. Our after school care Portland program provides your kids with all the skills they need and ensures they follow up on all the after school activities they need to, while you wind up at work. This will give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids in the evening without being worried about homework or other after school activities that need to be taken care of.
Our after school care Portland program is also of great benefit to your child as we assist them with their homework and practice as well as with their taekwondo classes in a positive, respectful and fun environment. By liaising with many schools in the Portland area, we are able to provide full pick up service, ensuring that your child will never have to wait for long after school in order to get to a great environment of fun activities.
Our after school care program is also affordable starting as low as $27/day. It is great if you want your child to take part in martial arts but your work does not allow you to take them immediately after school. You can rest assured that whenever your child gets out of school they will be well taken care of with time for a snack and break time as well as homework assistance and assistance in other practices such as written and mathematics and as well as crafts and creative activities.
Our after school care Portland program also enables your child to make it to our taekwondo class regardless of whether you are working late or don’t get off work early enough to pick them up and drop them at our premises for the class. Here they can improve their physical fitness, character building skills and self-defense which all aids in mental and physical development which you cannot get in a traditional daycare and after school care services.