Creating New Champions By Offering Taekwondo Training From Experts

Ever since we opened W1 Taekwondo, we've prided ourselves in our reputation for producing high performance athletes. Our mission is to create winners in life: winners who win at home, school and on the Taekwondo mat. We establish winning as a culture and as an attitude.

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Performance Taekwondo Taught By Champions

Our Performance Team at W1 Taekwondo is a program started by Master Adrian for students who are willing to take their sparring skills to the next level by attending an extra training/week where we will focus on world class taekwondo strategy, technique, strength, and conditioning.

We have quickly become known as the place to be if you're wishing to take your Taekwondo training to the next level!

Dedication To The Sport Is Priority

We reserve our Competition & Performance Taekwondo training for students that are willing to dedicate themselves to an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Our students put in hours of training and full contact sparring each week. We help by teaching the most important concepts of Taekwondo competition such as ring and time management, advanced kicks and combinations, timing drills, and the necessary requirements to compete.

Push Yourself To Achieve Greatness With Competition & Performance Taekwondo Training

​W1 Competition Team season starts every fall and competitors are selected by invitation only. Selection is based on student's dedication for the art, physical skills and self discipline. Our goal is to create champions in Cedar Mill, Bethany, and all of Portland and we want to start with you.

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