W1 Taekwondo January 2022 Update

It has truly been an amazing year at W1 Taekwondo. Through all of the ups and downs that came with 2021, W1 Taekwondo grew and improved. We have to give a huge thanks to all of our students for continuously choosing to work hard and believe in themselves. We also thank our family of W1 Parents for believing in our program and valuing what we do. 

Throughout the past year, we've been releasing weekly content on YouTube, and we also have to give a huge thanks to everyone that liked, subscribed and supported our channel. In December alone, we released five videos, including: 

The fifth and final video of December was a recap of Fall Belt Graduations, which took place throughout November & December. Congratulations to all of our students who passed!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed the time off! For January 2022, we'll be focused on getting back into our usual rhythm and continuing to grow as individuals and as a unit. 


W1 Taekwondo

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