I'm Master Adrian with W1 Taekwondo in Portland, Oregon, and today, we're learning a new school kick that's used a lot in today's sparring game: the Flop Kick, also known as the Slice Kick. This kick requires a lot of skill & finesse. Watch this video to see the kick broken down, and stay until the end to hear my Pro-Tip. 

The Flop Kick is a kick that can be down with the front leg, with the back leg, on attacking or counterattacking. You are going to use it based on the situation you are in. We'll be discussing this kick in the context of olympic sparring. I like to look at the Flop Kick as a trick kick and that's what makes it fun. Why? Because Taekwondo sparring, like any other combat game, is about deceiving your opponent. The way you can trap your opponent with this kick is about aiming body level, and switching to head level at the last second. 

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