I'm Master Adrian with W1 Taekwondo in Portland, OR and today, we're talking about a few Poomsae basics. We'll be discussing how to make your Poomsae forms better as a beginner, how to create snap on your techniques and the most efficient way to learn the patterns. 

Poomsae are a traditional way of training that, throughout time, were brought to an art level by finessing the details and the techniques. They are also a full body workout commonly used in Taekwondo training. Whatever you do on the left side, you mirror on the right side and vice versa.



Download the full PDF with Forms 1-8 here.

Now let's take a look at a few tips that will help you improve your forms:

1. Map out the forms in your head. Each form has three lines that you have to go through that are connected by transition lines. These transition lines will take you from Line 1 to Line 2, from Line 2 to Line 3, and back to where you started. The first 8 Taegeuk's all have the same pattern: three lines from left to right with transition lines in between. We describe this in full detail throughout the course of the video, focusing on the first form, Taegeuk Il Jang.

2. Create snap with your hand techniques. The snap makes everything look better during your form. 90% of the blocks in your Taegeuks have a twisting motion. What you want to strive to do is create snap by whipping your hands into place towards the end of your block. However, you want to keep in mind that the snap isn't created by just your hands. This movement is also driven by your hips and your full body, which we demonstrate in the video. In short, whenever you start a block, you want to be in a relaxed state, then power up towards the end of it and release the twist in place. 

3. Synchronize your movements. During your forms, your blocks should be in sync with your stances. For instance, if I do a back stance with a double knifehand block, I try to land my feet at the same time that I land my block. 

Thanks for watching and don't forget to download the PDF of forms 1-8 above! 

W1 out.

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