Aside from being a killer workout, Taekwondo has many benefits, making it one of the most popular forms of Martial Arts practiced in the United States. As of 2018, there were about 5 million Taekwondo participants in the U.S. Aside from being a great way to stay active, studies have shown that Taekwondo can help build self-esteem, build confidence, aid in self-defense, and more. A popular sport for parents looking to help their child in these areas, it is also a great option for adults looking to try something new. Portland, Oregon based Martial Arts gym, Cedar Mill is now offering a limited-time discounted Taekwondo trial for adults. 

Cedar Mill says, “Our adult martial arts classes have the perfect total body workout for those who want to end their day on a positive note while mastering the art of Taekwondo. Cedar Mill Martial Arts classes are active, and they will give you a balanced workout where parents and adults alike have the chance to achieve an active lifestyle at the same time with their children or on their own. Our adult martial arts classes incorporate conditioning and strength training, helping our students to achieve their health & fitness goals including increased coordination, flexibility, muscle tone, and overall strength.” You can now try 4 weeks of their adult Taekwondo classes for a reduced price of $29.00. Normally $99.00, this price includes a uniform and belt so all you need to do is sign up, and show up. Cedar Mill Taekwondo stresses that there is no experience needed for their trial classes, they are designed to be an introductory course for those interested in trying their hand on the mat. 

Cedar Mill Martial Art’s mission is to provide the finest martial arts training and facility in the Portland, Oregon area. Each student enrolled at Cedar Mill gets consistent encouragement as they strive towards their individual and personal martial arts goals. In addition to adult Martial Arts classes, Cedar Mill offers Teen and Children classes as well. Their facility offers a state-licensed after school care program, allowing parents the option to have their kids picked up from school and taken to the facility where they will engage in classes. Regarding their adult programs, Cedar Mill says “Taekwondo provides both children and adults with a great form of physical and mental exercise. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with martial arts, enroll in our adult Taekwondo classes and challenge your mind and body while at the same time gaining great skills for self-defense and for the development of your mental and physical powers.”

If you are interested in learning more about Cedar Mill limited time offer, or simply want to learn more about Taekwondo, please visit their website here