Cedar Mill Martial Arts is proud to announce the launch of a new range of after school programs, helping to make martial arts more accessible to students. 

The classes will introduce beginners to a range of popular martial arts techniques and formats, including Taekwondo. In addition to helping kids get more active, these classes are a great way to boost confidence through learning a new skill. 

Based in Portland, Cedar Mill Martial Arts is dedicated to pointing its students in the right direction, empowering them to excel both in the martial arts studio and in life. Working to build their practical talents and agility, the classes mimic life – encouraging each attendee to work through their problems and overcome their disadvantages. 

The program takes a mindfulness-infused approach to martial arts and prompts each student to pursue their passion and achieve their goals. Taekwondo, which forms a major part of the after-school classes here, originated in Korea. The discipline is great for kids because it strengthens the mind as well as the body.

As well as being fun and informative, these new classes are being made ultra-convenient for attendees, with a direct-from-school pick-up service getting students from their school direct to the studio.

Whether they’re attending to help develop more confidence, learn a new skill or to discover self-defense techniques, these classes will help kids and teens gain a greater understanding of both martial arts and the world around them. 

Classes are run and developed by an experienced team who are constantly working to keep their skills fresh, ensuring only the highest quality of teaching. 

Find out more about Cedar Mill Martial Arts online at the official website www.cedarmillmartialarts.com.