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The Relevance of Practicing Taekwondo in Portland

I am a student of taekwondo.

I wear the white sleevers and matching white pants for practice we call the Dobok, wrapped under my cotton belt that belies my rank, the Ti.

I enter the matted training area called the Dojang with a low bow towards the flags.

I’m ready for the day’s taekwondo training.

These are the forms that keep me sane at the end of a crazy workday. There’s the out-worldly form of etiquette that seems to bring me into a different world.

And yet, the dojang has its place in my life that brings so much order and calm into my sanity.

Why is that so? How does that happen?

Would you like to find out for yourself?

PDX Taekwondo – A Medium That Channels Your Mind

Have you ever played a game or a sport that totally engages you into the activity that you lose track of anything else? And, yes, including time. 

That’s what taekwondo does for me. It engages me completely when I’m on the mat going through the motion of the proper yup chagi, the sidekick. (You’ll just love the feel of your form and your legs outstretched firm and strong when you hold the position.)

Or when I’m doing one of the exercise forms, the Poomsae, making sure every moment ends with a snap and a full focus past the tip of my knuckled fist when I do a snapping punch or past the tip of the ball of my feet when I do a mid-front kick.

Imagine yourself doing that.

In those moments on the mat, I leave my work outside the dojang door.

And I can completely be at the moment, an experience you can have.

This is where my mind rests, where my body actually leads my mind. I’ve done the form Number One hundreds of times that it has become a pleasure to snap each movement into place, like folding a well-creased paper.

That’s what taekwondo does for me – a medium that channels my mind.

Today, more than ever, you need a place of rest from what you do all day every day and every morning of each day. You need rest that comes from engaging your mind and body other than your home routines and work routines. Taekwondo offers a respite where it’s not altogether just about learning self-defense, especially as you get older. For you and me, it’s turning out to be a place to free our mind.

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Where Your Body Forms Your Mind

Nowhere else in our day-to-day life can we focus on the specific form of our body other than in a martial arts training, yoga or in a truly disciplined exercise regimen.

It takes a lot of concentration to keep a form, whether it’s a dance form, a running form, a yoga form or a taekwondo form.

In each discipline, there is a purpose in keeping the right form. Often times, it’s about efficiency. Such as the efficiency of running when you move your legs and your arms astride and touch the ground with the ball of your feet instead of your heel. 

When you do the yoga pose and you do the Downward Dog properly, it’s possible to stay on it for a longer time. You get more efficient.

The same goes in the practice of taekwondo. 

And while you hone your movements of each technique to meet its proper form that matches your body biomechanics, you are able to realize a certain level of higher efficiency, but also an excuse to channel your body and your mind into a specific form and movement.

No paperwork. No chores. No errands.

Just the movement of that taekwondo form you can focus your mind.

There are very few practices in the world where you can just live in the moment like that.

Taekwondo In Our Everyday Life

Taekwondo is a contact sport as it is an art. And it makes sense for everyone to see the benefits of taekwondo as a perfect total body workout. You’d be right to come over to our school to get a complete fitness routine. You’d find yourself sweating all over when you do get into the classes. 

However, for those of us who need a place to hone our mind and spirit while working on our body, you won’t be alone. Taekwondo has become an exercise also to rest the mind from the daily drudge, a place where you can just be.

That’s yet another benefit of learning a martial art: taekwondo hones your body, your mind and your spirit.

Allow taekwondo to guide your mind.

Allow taekwondo to form your mind.

Allow taekwondo to channel your mind into these physical self-defense movements where you will translate your efforts into concrete physical abilities and fitness that will benefit all other areas of your life.

When you work on your body, you work on your mind. And when you’ve done enough work on your mind, you’ll find clarity in your values and your thinking that will help you be more decisive in your choices in life.

Taekwondo can do that for you.

Give Taekwondo In Portland A Try

Here at Cedar Mill Taekwondo School, we care about our form – the form of our technique properly executed and the form where we can rest our mind from all other cares in the world.

This is the place where you’ll meet other adults just like you.

Taekwondo can be a place for both rest and workout while you’re honing your movements executing self-defense striking techniques with both hands and feet. 

The adult group in our school have found a place where they can be themselves supporting each other honing their techniques in a place of complete safety.

We still have open slots for ten adults for a beginner’s taekwondo trial that will run for four weeks. Where a month’s worth of classes will typically cost $99, you’ll just be paying for it at $29 flat. The only available schedule for this program is Monday and Wednesday at 7:20 pm.

Take advantage of this low priced trial package at only $29 and find out if our taekwondo training can really make a difference in your overall life beginning with a peace of mind.

Give us a call at: 503-626-1888 and lets you on your first class.

Portland Martial Arts

Martial Arts Portland Oregon Classes

Other martial arts classes located in Portland include the following:

A lot of these martial art school options are geared more for Adults and not kids. As they are all great for self defense as well as strength and conditioning, they are not kids martial arts classes.


Cedar Mill Taekwondo offers both adult martial arts and kids martial arts program options to fit the needs of all. Along with self defense training, you will learn discover life lessons and become part of a greater family.