Martial Arts for Kids

Our core martial arts program teaches students, ages 4 to 12, how to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, through martial arts classes. That is the Black Belt way where kicking, blocking, punching, self-defense only come second to building confidence, focus, discipline, and perseverance. We praise each child constantly with a major emphasis on effort rather than outcome. This teaches our kids that through hard work and maximum effort you can still achieve success.

Each student`s individual needs are met through small class sizes and personal attention.

Cedar Mill Taekwondo classes for kids, are designed to foster personal growth and basic skills like coordination, agility, mental strength, which become the foundation that our children need later in life or while practicing any other sports.

How can your child learn and benefit from a taekwondo program for kids?

Firstly, Taekwondo is a great foundational sport for young kids that look to join individual and/or team sports. Our taekwondo program teaches our children basic skills that any athlete needs before getting ready to perform at a higher level in any sport. Skills like basic coordination, balance, following directions, agility, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, body posture, discipline, are of the utmost importance for any athlete that is about to start his/her sports journey.
Contrary to what most people think, taekwondo as a martial arts is not limited to grownups only. In fact, kids when exposed to this martial arts will not only reap the numerous benefits associated with it but our taekwondo students will be able to learn this skills fast and hold on to them for the rest of their lives. At Cedar Mill Martial Arts, we tailor our taekwondo lessons to your child’s skill level and age starting them out with basic patterns, kicking, blocking, punching and striking which will equip them with the fundamental skills that will develop their flexibility, mental acumen, balance and physical coordination. Most importantly, enrolling your child in our taekwondo for kids program will also increase their self-awareness, capabilities in self-defense and their athletic abilities. There are other benefits your child can reap from our taekwondo for kids program such as the following:
  • Taekwondo provides an avenue for mental and physical development through the thorough training offered for the body and mind. Your child is therefore bound to be more agile, more athletic and with a sharper mind that can focus on any objective, such as improving their school grades, that they set out to do hence they are able to work towards their achievements more easily.


  • They develop self-awareness and self-defense skills as a result of learning and practicing the techniques found in our taekwondo program for kids. These skills will make them able to recognize their qualities as well as judge the environment around them to figure out how to maneuver their way around the various areas of their life. For example, your child will be much more adept at recognizing dangerous situations and getting away before situations escalate as well as avoiding peer pressure, among other harmful events.


  • Taekwondo also equips your kid with a great mindset such as learning respect for themselves and others, the ability to achieve heightened concentration and focus, increased self-restraint and self-discipline all of which not only contribute to their overall moral development but also carries over to other areas of their life.


  • Learning taekwondo is a fun activity for kids and your child will be excited to learn something new that most people cannot do. Besides, they will start getting into great physical and mental shape from a young age through learning endurance and other physical and mental development skills and techniques that our taekwondo for kids program offers.


  • Finally, taekwondo improves your child’s coordination as well as improving their dietary and health habits such that you will notice a diminished interest in junk food and more inclination towards better dietary habits.