Martial Arts for Adults

It is never too late. Achieve Black Belt excellence.

Our adult classes have the perfect total body workout for those who want to end their day on a positive note while mastering the art of Taekwondo.
Cedar Mill Martial Arts classes are active, and they will give you a balanced workout where parents and adults alike have the chance to achieve an active lifestyle in the same time with their children or on their own. Our adult martial arts classes incorporate conditioning and strength training, helping our students to achieve their health & fitness goals including increased coordination, flexibility, muscle tone and overall strength.

Why Taekwondo is a Great Workout for Adults?

Taekwondo provides adults with a great form of physical and mental exercise. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with martial arts, enroll in our adult taekwondo classes and challenge your mind and body while at the same time gaining great skills for self-defense and for the development of your mental and physical powers. Taekwondo for adults is a great fun hobby to get in shape while also providing an escape haven from the daily grind that is part of the adult life. To go from one belt grade to the other will not only build your character through perseverance and hard training but also, it is bound to restore your faith in yourself and build confidence and satisfaction in your abilities. Here are more benefits of enrolling in adult taekwondo classes today:
  1. They provide a great fun way to gain flexibility and improve overall physical fitness while also promoting weight loss. Since taekwondo involves a lot of extensive stretching, strength building exercises, aerobic exertion and other forms of physical training techniques, it offers a great opportunity for you to burn calories and build muscle while also improving your body’s metabolism and all this while gaining valuable self-defense skills!

  2. Enrolling in adult taekwondo classes will provide you with an arsenal of self-defense skills that make use of your hands and feet to powerfully strike and block among other techniques of unarmed self-defense which constant practicing will condition your body and mind to always be self-aware and prepared to defend yourself in case a situation that requires physical defense arises.

  3. As an adult you may find that between the constant daily grind and the numerous responsibilities that life demands of you, you may become a bit jaded and even lose the ability to be confident of your prowess to try and succeed at something new or something outside the expertise that you have developed either at work or in your personal life. Enrolling in adult taekwondo classes will help you recapture your self-confidence and positive outlook towards life by instilling control over your mind and a sense of self-discipline that will help push you past the pre-conceived and developed limits and challenges to achieve higher heights of self-confidence that you can apply to all areas of your life.

  4. Finally, adult taekwondo classes will help in improving the overall well being of your body and mind. Taekwondo improves your mental and physical health through conditioning and exercise which are targeted at developing strength, muscle, agility, flexibility and overall concentration and fitness for sharper senses and reflexes and increased fitness, energy and coordination.