Kids on training

When young Taekwondo students comes in and walks onto our practice mats, they are in a way walking into their virtual life. The practice mat is not only a place where they learn and practice Taekwondo techniques of kicking, striking and parrying. It’s also a place where the student engages and pushing himself to become more.

The Value Of The Practice Mat

Our practice mat is an unspoken excuse, a place where our students are given permission to step into a unique role of being a Taekwondo student. 

This role is not a role he takes on at home, at school or when he’s with his friends. It’s a unique role that allows him to physically become a Taekwondo student where he gets specific unique instructions of behavior, of thinking and of the art of Taekwondo fighting.

The practice mat is where the students learn this new world with one ultimate purpose – to learn about who they are, what they are capable of and how they can transform themselves into becoming more.

It’s why practicing on the mat is a realization of the meaning of Taekwondo – The Foot Fist Way or the path of becoming a better person through refining how we move with others in self-defense.

When you begin to see that a child practicing on his ahp chagi, the front kick, he is not just working on getting his front kick right. He’s working on forming his body to do it right, he’s working on his intention and focus to do it right, and he’s working on becoming someone he aspires to be. That’s all happening in each and every front kick he snaps.

And the mat, the place, the other students, the teacher and his instructions and the very activity gives him the opportunity to practice on that front kick and to realize his aspiration of himself.

That is the gift of the mat. That’s the gift of a Taekwondo school.

An All Age Practice

When Taekwondo students practice with each other, they are not specifically paired by their age. They may be paired with their size and, for new students, with their fellow beginners. That’s just for new practitioners who need to ease into the practice. But, as he progresses, he practices with everybody.

That’s because there is a wealth of learning that happens when students work with different age groups and different skill levels. Everybody who does Taekwondo ultimately executes each technique in a slightly different way just as we all have our signature way of walking, running and moving. 

The technique is specific but the interpretation is unique.

And it all comes out in every kick, strike, parry or dodge on the mat. 

The variety of unique practices of Taekwondo refines every student’s practice on the mat.

And so, the mat welcomes everyone for as long as there is respect, desire and commitment – a character of a Taekwondo culture that complements our life.

A Welcome To All

Here at Cedar Mill Martial Arts school, we value everyone’s commitment and time to work on their Taekwondo and on themselves on the mat. There is care in the way we share our knowledge, experience and values in every student that steps on the practice mat. 

Your children are ready for such a rich experience for as long as they bring with them respect, desire and commitment on the mat. 

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